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This year, we are offering three College Board certified Advanced Placement courses. Each class not only teaches the material covered on the exam, but will also include test prep and review. Students who would like to take the class, but not take the AP Exam are welcome. Students will be assisted in registering to take the exam. 

AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science,

AP Human Geography


Subjects through high school or Advanced Placement level and prep for SATs and AP exams

We offer individualized attention to your student, explaining concepts that they do not understand and helping to set up a study plan. We offer practice exams and coaching for both AP and SAT tests.


Support or supplement your student's education

We can either teach your student as their exclusive teacher, support the distance/hybrid instruction they are receiving from school, or supplement their education with subjects not taught in their school, or what was classically known as "afterschooling." 


Curriculum selection, subject scope, executive function skills

We act as both a resource to parents and a coach to your student. Need assistance planning a curriculum that prepares your child for a particular path? Are you unsure which AP classes your child should take? Or if they should take any? Does your student need support with executive function skills? Do you want to set up a pod school and need a resource to consult? What are the different ways you can choose to homeschool? What are the laws, what do I need to do if my child will return to public school, and what about college? What material do students need to cover in the elementary, middle, and high school years?


Connecticut, US


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