The AP Environmental Science course provides students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world. The course helps students identify and analyze natural and human-induced environmental problems. It enables them to learn how to assess the risks associated with these problems and evaluate alternative solutions for resolving and preventing them. To accomplish this goal, the AP Environmental Science Course and Exam Description defines concepts, skills, and understandings required by representative colleges and universities for granting college credit and placement.

AP Environmental Science is a great choice for the student looking for a broad view of science and the environment. Although it is typically offered as a senior year AP course, we believe it is best sequenced before AP Chemistry and Biology or in conjunction. 


Our College Board certified syllabus includes weekly assignments that include reading the text, watching video of experiments and short written assignments. Test prep will be interwoven throughout the course so that the student is well acquainted with both the content and format at the time of the official AP exam.


We offer individualized attention to your student, explaining concepts that they do not understand and helping to set up a study plan. Students will be given assistance in registering for the exam and have access to College Board prep materials.


Students can enroll in this class or audit it. If a student chooses to audit, they may have access to all materials but their work will not be graded and there will be no instructor feedback. This is helpful for the student who wants no pressure but an exposure to the material or the student who is taking the course at their school and would like the coverage and prep that our courses offer. 


Students will need to purchase the text and have access to high speed internet access and a printer. They will also need to purchase inexpensive lab materials.


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